Tiffany Hecklinski

“My son has not only gained muscle and flexibility by working out at Evolution, he has also gained something more important and immeasurable – confidence! I am grateful for the community Evolution gives these athletes in order to succeed in all aspects of their life.”

Ryan Hickman

“We are extremely thankful for the staff at Evolution Athletics. They listened to Rachel’s goals along with our concerns regarding past health issues caused by poor training/trainers. Evolution developed a specialized plan that addressed those concerns and provided excellent training. She grew athletically and in her confidence to work hard and train the right way. Thank you for preparing her to compete at the next level. It was a great experience.”

Loree Cordova

“Evolution is so good at supervising the kids’ workouts so they are safe, while teaching them responsibility and work ethic. And, Nick is having fun! In just 4 months of workouts at EA, it has been amazing to watch him get so much stronger, and his vertical increase by 5 inches! We love our EA Team!”

Tim Bradbury

“The Bradbury Family would love to thank EA for everything.

Our kids just love it here. Right out of all their mouths. They say ‘Dad we just love it there.’

Two kids who have never really been on a speed and strength program.

At First it can be pretty intimidating, but the leaders at EA made the kids feel right at home.

EA definitely is challenging but also very accepting and the leaders are very knowledgeable on where an how to start no timers or early beginners off and get them on a successful path to help them attain their goals and Dreams longterm.

From The Bradbury’s, EA is a must in today’s competitive sports environment.

We truly want to thanks all the leaders at EA for all of your past and future help to all the kids that give EA a chance in this area.”

Jeff Pierce

“I just wanted to post this review so others may experience what we experienced.  We have two active kids, with our oldest kid playing baseball at the college level now.  In the athletic world, we have seen both the good and bad of competitive sports over 15 years of their development.  Of these experiences, this facility and the trainers rank the absolute top for us.  

Why??   They truly care about the outcome of your child.  Everything is done correctly, with care, and customized for your child’s success.  They celebrate your successes while continually raising the bar to become better.  A prime example of this is when we had our signing day for college.  The trainers took time out of the schedule to come celebrate with us.  Our success was their success.  They understand kids and help reward those who put in the hard work.

Sports, like everything is life, is based on the amount of hard work you along with having great mentors to guide you.  I have no reservation in recommending this program to anyone who asks.  Your investment in your child’s development is money well spent when you start to see the results.  

When your kid comes home from college and the first thing he wants to do it get a workout schedule at Evo and say “hi”, you know it is like a second family to him.


Courtney Nowak

“Our now 14 year old started the winter of 2018. He does multiple sports, but a couple of things that were lacking was his strength and speed. We took a chance on Evolution Athletics to work with him on those 2 items to get prepared for the 2019 baseball season. What we didn’t realize was the progress we would start seeing right away. Our baseball player’s speed in the spring season of 2019 and through the summer increased significantly. He went from one of the slower runners on the team to being one of the fastest. We also saw increased distance in his throwing and we saw great improvement in his ability to drive the ball on the baseball field. His overall confidence was up on and off the field. We would get asked what is going on? Our answer was Evolution Athletics – that was the answer plain and simple. He goes twice a week and he enjoys it. He enjoys his trainers as they listen and help him along the way as well as making it fun. In the winter of 2019 after doing a year of the program it was amazing to see him on the football field and hit the wrestling mats. During those seasons Evolution not only helped with strength but they talked to him about nutrition. He was listening to them and he made sure that he was getting the protein he needed to fuel his body. He is continuing his journey with Evolution and we couldn’t be happier with what we have seen him accomplish on and off the field.”

Our now 12 year old started the summer of 2019 and was looking to increase his strength and speed on the soccer field. With great results our oldest son had, we turned to Evolution Athletics to work with him on getting prepared for the fall 2019 season. After just a couple of months it was amazing to see his ability to throw the soccer ball across the field to his teammates. His speed to go from one spot in the goalie box to another spot to get to the ball also improved. His power on the basketball court has improved and can move down the court quicker than a year ago. When other parents at the soccer field would say “Wow, look at that throw. How does he do that?”, our response is Evolution Athletics. We took a chance on the beginning evolution program and couldn’t be happier. When you see the improvements that your child makes you know that you selected the right program for them. I can’t say it enough but Evolution is so much more than just lifting weights. You see the results on and off the field. You see your child become more confident and at times become a leader on the field. If your child is wanting more out of their sport(s) and you aren’t for sure what the next step is.. Evolution Athletics is that next step. It is a commitment on your child’s part, but I can say that they will love it. They will want to make sure they get their workouts in even if that means getting up at 7:30 to get it in at 8:00 am on a Saturday.”

Jacee Maldonado

“Colter started working with the trainers at EA to improve his sports performance at the varsity level. His main goals were to increase both his speed & strength. The first changes noticed was an increase in Colter’s flexibility. That translated into faster sprints. Being coached in proper running technique helped him run outrun players on the football field. Colter’s strength also improved greatly. He has smashed all his PRs! The coaches are amazing! They focus on stretching, proper form, good nutrition & consistency. Each athlete is evaluated & has a personalized workout program to achieve set goals. I would absolutely recommend EA to any parent looking for additional tools to help your athlete the best they can be!”

Chad Kelley

“A couple of years ago I was considering finding a trainer for my daughter to help her get stronger following an injury the previous year. After talking with a friend who also coached her he recommended Evolution Athletics (EA) because he’d seen good results with his daughter. My goal was to find a place that would let her work as hard as she desired but in a safe & mindful manner…because she’s a gym rat & would work herself too hard if not properly supervised. What I found was not that at all, it was more. A lot more. Not only do Travis, Tyler, Randall & Hannah provide all of the training materials, coaching, nutrition guidance, drills & weights, they also create an atmosphere where they teach the kids how to be mindful of their movements because it isn’t all about how strong a kid is if they aren’t moving right & that’s important in order for them to stay healthy. It isn’t as simple a having my daughter get stronger, it’s more than that & making the long drive to Lawrence is/was worth it because she’s learned so much & found a place that allows her self-driven nature to be safely channeled by caring & good people. I am truly appreciative that EA was recommended to me because my kid has greatly benefited in athletic movement, strength & overall knowledge. Living west of Topeka, the new Big Springs location is a welcome addition to us & it is a large work-out space so my daughter loves it. If you have a kid that is driven & wants to improve, then I can think of no better place to take them than Evolution Athletics because Travis & Tyler have created a good environment where the kids know they’re cared about & the gains made speak for themselves.”

David Whitten

“Would just like to say that after a labrum tear and surgery in April on her pitching arm. Lilly has come back stronger and faster than before she was injured. Thanks to great doctors, hard work, great coaches, and great trainers at Evolution Sports Training, they have helped make this possible. Without their help, we would not be where we are today. A big thank you to Evolution Sports Training, they are a total training facility.”