Monday – Thursday

3:00 – 7 PM


3:00 – 6 PM


8 – 10 AM

Training times will begin every 30 minutes
(last start time will be 1 hour before closing)

How it Works

All athletes will first be required to go through an assessment before starting a performance program.

Athletes will be given a program based off their current training experience, goals, assessment results, as well as the amount of training days they choose to train at Evolution. This program will layout everything they will need to know from the beginning to the end of the training session. The first couple of weeks will require lots of learning so the athlete can understand how we expect everything to look and feel. After the first couple weeks the athlete will then be able to move at their own pace through their prescribed workout program under the supervision of our certified coaches.


Remote Coaching

$79 / month


$99 1x max / week

In Person

$199 / month
2-3 days / week

Speed Camp

$299 without membership
$149 with membership

Team training is available. On-site and off-site options. (Please call for details) 785.813.1164

All athletes will be required to have a performance assessment before the start of training. Assessments are free with the purchase of any program. If you wish to have an assessment and testing only, there will be a $99 charge.

Ways to Save

Save 10% when you have 2 or more athletes!


Facility Access Fee