My oldest daughter Claire is 4 years old and is lucky enough to have her own room. As a result of having older cousins, grandparents who spoil her rotten, and friends who give her presents; her room is messy! I literally could not walk through her room earlier today. The floor was covered with clothes, books, crayons, baby dolls, and play kitchen accessories. So, I told her that after she finished dinner tonight, she needed to pick up all her toys and get her room organized.

Once she started, I could hear her whining and crying from the other room. I walked in and asked her what’s wrong and she told me “this is too hard”! What she really meant was the clutter is overwhelming. Not that she was incapable of doing it, rather, she didn’t know where to begin because there was so much junk strewn about. So, I gave her three simple instructions; put your crayons in the blue box, put books on the bookshelf, and dirty clothes in the laundry. Almost immediately she calmed down and began focusing on those three items.

About 15 minutes later she had those three tasks completed and she came running to me “dad, look what I did”! This felt like a coaching moment for sure. All too often I talk with folks who run false scripts in their mind like, “I can’t lose weight” or “I can’t get stronger” etc. Is it really that you can’t or is it that you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? My advice is this, focus on one dietary change, if you want to lose fat (i.e. cut down on soda intake by 1 can each day) and focus on one strength training tweak (i.e. do 10 squats 3x/week).

Notice that when it comes to goal setting, we must begin with something easily achievable to begin building momentum. Focus on the most critical tasks first and cut out the unnecessary or distracting tasks.

Once Claire finished with crayons, books, and clothes; she naturally began to move on to picking up smaller toys and other miscellaneous items. She simply needed some specific tasks to begin with and a little encouragement here and there from me to say “keep going, almost done” etc.

Not sure where to begin with your fitness program? Drop me a line below and I would be happy to help